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Understanding The Difference Between A Podiatrist And A Chiropodist

Mississauga chiropodistAre you currently having problems with your feet? Perhaps you are having problems with your lower limbs such as a disorder that is causing you discomfort and pain. Regardless of the issue that you are currently experiencing, and whether or not it was caused by genetics, injuries or some type of systemic condition within your body, a podiatrist, as well as a chiropodist will be able to help you with these problems. Here is a quick overview of what the people in these professions do, how they can help you, and what the differences between the two professions.

Podiatrist And A Chiropodist – Are They The Same?

A podiatrist is an individual that has gone through very similar training to medical doctors because they are able to not only administer and prescribed medications, but also do surgery as a fully licensed DPM, specifically on your lower extremities and your feet. They have gone through at least two years of residency, and will have achieved a doctoral degree which is a four year program. A chiropodist is also a professional that focuses primarily upon health education, and also specializing in other areas such as geriatrics, diabetic care and sports injuries. Essentially, they are able to manage problems associated with lower than disorders and your feet, and assess what needs to be done next. That is the primary difference between these two professions, giving you a better idea of who you should call based upon the problems you are currently experiencing.

In conclusion, if you are currently suffering from conditions that are leading to discomfort in your lower limbs and feet, you might want to see a Mississauga chiropodist to understand why these problems are occurring. If you are diagnosed with a certain condition in which an operation needs to be done on your feet, you will want to contact a podiatrist who is fully licensed to do these types of operations and surgeries.